Journal "Investment Management and Financial Innovations", #3 (spec. issue)/2009

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Contents of issue

Pedro Soto Acosta, Fernando Alberto Freitas Ferreira
Rute Abreu, Fátima David
More than words: the reality of Portuguese labor market  
George C. Chatzinas, Maria K. Markopoulou, Demetrios L. Papadopoulos
Initial Public Offerings underpricing in Greek Stock Exchange of Athens
María N. Pérez-Aróstegui, Rui Sousa, Javier Lloréns-Montes
Quality management practices as a forerunner of absorptive capacity. An empirical study  
Pedro Fernandes Anunciação, João Rocha Santos, Francisco Rodrigues Rocha 
How important are the regulation and supervision authorities in economic society? The new Ethics Chain of Value
Robert Holman, Miroslav Kollar 
Discussing the pro-cyclicality of financial intermediation and bank capital regulation
Josanco Floreani, Maurizio Polato 
The distribution of illiquid financial products within the Mifid framework. New challenges for the European financial industry