Journal "Investment Management and Financial Innovations", Annual Index/2009

Contents of issue

No.Article TitleFirst AuthorYear/ IssuePages
1.Adoption of antitakeover legislation and R&D expenditureRavi Jain2009/363-72
2.Advanced operational risk modelling in banks and insurance companiesCarla Angela2009/373-83
3.Analysis of a power plant investment opportunity under a carbon neutral worldTaesik Yun2009/4155-163
4.Assessing the corporate governance practices of the hospitality industry in GhanaGodfred A. Bokpin2009/318-24
5.Auditing Firm Reputation and The Post-Issue Operating Performance in an Emerging Market: Evidence from Turkish IPO FirmsHalil Ibrahim Bulut2009/3212-229
6.Behaviors of market participants, financial innovations, moral hazard, and subprime mortgage crisisK.C. Tseng2009/47-27
7.Board leadership and REIT CEO turnoverMagdy Noguera2009/4147-154
8.The choice of performance-based fees in the mutual fund industry: the case of SpainAnna Carmen Díaz Mendoza2009/37-17
9.Classification of trade direction for an equity market with price limit and order match: evidence from the Taiwan stock marketYang-Cheng Lu2009/3135-147
10.Corporate governance and regulatory reform: Australian evidenceMaria Strydom2009/4112-121
11.The death of the overreaction anomaly? A multifactor explanation of contrarian returnsAdam Clements2009/176-85
12.A defaultable callable bond pricing model David Hua2009/354-62
13.Discussing the pro-cyclicality of financial intermediation and bank capital regulationRobert Holman2009/3284-290
14.The distribution of illiquid financial products within the Mifid framework. New challenges for the European financial industryJosanco Floreani2009/3291-298
15.Dividend payout ratios and subsequent earnings growth: evidence from Taiwanese stock-listing companiesChin-Sheng Huang2009/283-99
16.Does foreign direct investment impact the financial stability or conversely: the case of Tunisia? A gravity model approachSonia Seghir2009/196-100
17.The dynamics of real wages and productivity in public and private sectors: an empirical investigation for 1963-2007 period in TurkeyMurat Aslan2009/3179-185
18.An econometric approach to the effects of euro to investments and growth on six European Union countries Stamatis Kontsas2009/1174-183
19.Effect of board monitoring on corporate investment and firm performance: Taiwan evidenceChuan-Ying Hsu2009/384-93
20.The effects of openness on inflation: panel data estimates from selected developing countriesMehmet Taşçi2009/428-34
21.The efficiency cost of market power in banking: a test of the "quiet life" and related hypotheses in the Jordan's banking industryIdries M. Al-Jarrah2009/232-39
22.An empirical analysis of Chinese stock price anomalies and volatilityJin Luo2009/1199-216
23.Estimating sovereign risk by a structural approach: the role of Forex reserves for emerging market countriesAlexander Karmann2009/3194-200
24.Evaluating hedge ratios in the subprime mortgage crisisWei-His Hsu2009/4140-146
25.An event study approach to shocks in gold prices on hedged and non-hedged gold companiesYoung Kim2009/2112-119
26.The Fama and French three-factor model and leverage: compatibility with the Modigliani and Miller propositionsMichael Dempsey2009/148-53
27.Financial failure forecast by option pricing method: a Turkish caseSinan Aktan2009/4177-187
28.Financial statement indicators of financial failure: an empirical study on Turkish public companies during the November 2000 and February 2001 crisisSinan Aktan2009/1163-173
29.Firms’ trade credit and the local level of development of the banking system in EuropeLucio Cassia2009/446-58
30.Fitting the term structure of interest rates in illiquid market: Taiwan experienceJian-Hsin Chou2009/1101-116
31.Has iYraxx Crossover index been a good emerging markets’ portfolio indicator?Ekin Tokat2009/459-66
32.Herding behavior in the Athens Stock ExchangeNikolaos Tessaromatis2009/3156-164
33.How can shareholder lawsuits promote the collective interests of all shareholders?Jianping Qi2009/3148-155
34.How do firm characteristics affect the market reaction to investment announcements: ISE caseSemra Karacaer2009/1156-162
35.How important are the regulation and supervision authorities in economic society? The new Ethics Chain of ValuePedro Fernandes Anunciação2009/3273-283
36.Impact of different distributional assumptions in forecasting Italian mortality ratesRosella Giacometti2009/3186-193
37.The impacts of institutional net buys/sells on returns in the Taiwan futures marketHsinan Hsu2009/4209-220
38.The increasing importance of foreign direct investment and TurkeyErdal Ateş2009/4188-199
39.Industry momentum effect and autocorrelation: evidence from TaiwanYing-Fen Fu2009/222-31
40.Initial Public Offerings underpricing in Greek Stock Exchange of AthensGeorge C. Chatzinas2009/3254-263
41.Institutional herding premium in the Taiwan stock marketYang-Cheng Lu2009/252-67
42.Interactions of stock markets in the Greater China areaAi-Chi Hsu2009/3201-211
43.The International Fisher Effect: theory and applicationAbdulnasser Hatemi-J2009/1117-121
44.Intraday causality between order imbalance and return of speculative top losersYong-Chern Su2009/1130-136
45.Intraday spot foreign exchange market. Analysis of efficiency, liquidity and volatilityAnna Serbinenko2009/435-45
46.Investment characteristics of the market for paintings in Turkey: 1990-2005Aylin Seçkin2009/27-14
47.Is money targeting an option for the People’s Bank of China?Mo Ke2009/4100-111
48.Islamic bonds and the wealth effects: evidence from MalaysiaYusnidah Ibrahim2009/1184-191
49.(Lack of) Momentum in the Investor’s Business Daily 100Douglas J. Jordan2009/3126-134
50.Loss-Alae modeling through a copula dependence structureMarco Micocci2009/467-80
51.Managerial overconfidence, moral hazard problems, and excessive life-cycle debt sensitivityRichard Fairchild2009/335-42
52.Mean variance optimization via factor models in the emerging markets: evidence on the Istanbul Stock ExchangeFazil Gökgöz2009/343-53
53.A metafrontier study of securities broker and dealer efficiency under zero-sum gainsChin-Yi Fang2009/325-34
54.More than words: the reality of Portuguese labor marketRute Abreu2009/3242-253
55.The multimanager approach in mutual funds investmentsGuido Abate2009/490-99
56.Multiscale hedge ratio between Taiwan stock and futures index: an application of wavelet analysisDar-Hsin Chen2009/1217-230
57.Mutual fund advertisementsCongsheng Wu2009/268-76
58.On empirical comparisons of prediction methods for ratingsVolker Schlecht2009/2100-111
59.Perception of risk and uncertainty and non-usage of discounted cash flow techniques by UK listed firmsKean Ow-Yong2009/394-105
60.Performance and efficiency of risk managers in Saudi ArabiaOmar Masood2009/121-37
61.Pricing of principal-protected funds in China: are the guarantee fees too high?Chonghui Jiang2009/277-82
62.The pricing of structured notes with credit riskTsun-Siou Lee2009/4233-235
63.Prospect theory and mean-variance analysis: does it make a difference in wealth management?Enrico De Giorgi2009/1122-129
64.Purchasing power parity in Sri Lanka during the recent float: some empirical evidenceGuneratne Wickremasinghe2009/481-89
65.Quality management practices as a forerunner of absorptive capacity. An empirical studyMaría N. Pérez-Aróstegui2009/3264-272
66.R ratio optimization with heterogeneous assets using genetic algorithmMichaei Stein2009/3117-125
67.The rationality of index investing and paradoxes of indexationDavid Eagle2009/4131-139
68.Re-examination of volatility dynamics in Istanbul Stock ExchangeHakki Arda Tokat2009/1192-198
69.Regulatory reforms and moral hazard in Korean bankingSeok Weon Lee2009/215-21
70.Review: algorithmic tradingJan Fraenkle2009/17-20
71.Revisiting the successive financial crises and bank failures on the threshold of a global hell: a qualitative reviewBora Aktan2009/138-47
72.The role of SGT distribution in Value-at-Risk estimation: evidence from the WTI crude oil marketHung-Chun Liu2009/186-95
73.Sentiment on cross-sectional stock returns and volatilityMei-Chen Lin2009/154-75
74.Signaling and proceeds usage for seasoned equity offeringsRobert M. Hull2009/240-51
75.Size-sorted portfolios and information spillovers: structural evidence from AustraliaGeorge Milunovich2009/4200-208
76.Socially responsible investing: moral and optimal?Padma Kadiyala2009/3165-178
77.Testing capital structure models for Turkish non-financial firms: the analysis of firm-specific financial factors and agency variablesPinar Evrim Mandaci2009/1231-242
78.Testing for periodic integration and cointegration of the stock prices of the G7 countriesHassan Shirvani2009/1147-155
79.US equities' heartbreaking performance is nothing newRobert A. Weigand2009/4233-235
80.Why warn? The impact of profit warnings on shareholder’s equityFayez A. Elayan2009/4164-176