Journal "Innovative Marketing", Annual Index/2009

Contents of issue

No. Article Title First Author Year/ Issue Pages
1. Bank satisfaction factors and loyalty: a survey of the Greek bank customers John Mylonakis 2009/1 16-25
2. Basic directions prognostication of Ukrainian insurance market development (on the basis of German insurance market functioning indexes) Kozmenko Olga 2009/4 51-54
3. Brand strategy for bottom line markets Rajagopal 2009/1 33-38
4. Comparing online and mail survey methods in a sample of chief marketing officers Dmitri G. Markovitch 2009/4 55-62
5. Customers evaluations after a bank renaming: effects of brand name change on brand personality, brand attitudes and customers satisfaction Wafa MSallem 2009/3 58-65
6. Diffusion of innovation Asia: a study of internet banking in Thailand and India Sirion Chaipoopirutana 2009/4 27-31
7. Do ethics have a place in marketing? An overview of the last 20 years Fabien Durif 2009/1 6-15
8. Drivers for the adoption of relationship selling behaviors among B2B sales staff in the GCC Ahmed El Bayaa 2009/4 7-26
9. An economic and environmental measurement model on the Greek passenger vehicle market Kontsas Stamatis 2009/2 56-63
10. The emergence of experience stores Peter Jones 2009/2 45-49
11. An empirical study of behavioral intentions in the Taiwan hotel industry  Michael D. Clemes 2009/3 30-50
12. An empirical study on international human organ trafficking: effects of globalization  Hyuksoo Cho 2009/3 66-74
13. Experiential positioning: strategic differentiation of customer-brand relationships  Dan Padgett 2009/3 87-95
14. An exploratory study on brand connotations by Indian youth Arpita Khare 2009/3 105-114
15. The 5th p in marketing: corporate political activity and firm performance (an exploratory study of U.S. firms in the global marketplace)  Bruce D. Keillor 2009/3 75-83
16. Global shifts in marketing strategy: new research agenda Rajagopal 2009/3 51-57
17. How do interfirm networks influence the emergence of Russian clusters?  Bella Butler 2009/3 96-104
18. Hypercompetition, customer-value competition, and the new role of market research Kurt Matzler 2009/2 6-11
19. The impact of EU accession on Hungarian SME's  Charles S. Mayer 2009/2 50-55
20. The impact of LPG on life insurance corporation of India (LIC) R. Rajendran 2009/2 39-44
21. Inflicting pain for gain: Insights on the spam problem Ramendra Thakur 2009/1 66-74
22. Influence of the perception of different types of store brands on consumer typologies and satisfaction levels Carmen Abril 2009/4 72-78
23. An innovative bargaining solution analysis for vertical cooperative promotion management decisions George S. Spais 2009/3 7-29
24. Is reference price a fair price or an expected price? K.N. Rajendran 2009/2 18-29
25. Measuring brand strategy - can brand equity and brand score be a tool to measure the effectiveness of strategy? R.K. Srivastava 2009/1 26-32
26. The membership fee increases over time with the network size Gila E. Fruchter 2009/3 84-86
27. Rational and emotional appeals in advertising of prescription medicines: study of a slimming drug in Brazil Melby Karina Zuniga Huertas 2009/4 79-88
28. The relationship between atmospherics, services cape and destination attractiveness of a holiday destination C.H. (Neels) van Heerden 2009/1 55-65
29. The relationship between perceived innovativeness and emotional product responses: a brand oriented approach Melike Demirbag Kaplan 2009/1 39-47
30. The relationship between political risk, national culture and foreign direct investment as a market entry strategy: perspectives from U.S. firms Bruce Keillor 2009/1 48-54
31. Role of individual self-concept and brand bersonality congruence in determining brand choice Arpita Khare 2009/4 63-71
32. The promise and perils of speed: an investigation of product development and alliance formation Dmitri G. Markovitch 2009/1 75-84
33. Protection of consumer in market transactions in Nigeria Anayo D. Nkamnebe 2009/4 89-94
34. Strategies for the marketing of international tourism in the region of Latin America and Caribbean (LAC) Philemon Oyewole  2009/4 95-104
35. A study of the factors influencing FDI for small and medium enterprises in Macedonia Ed Langlois 2009/2 12-17
36. Tourism, culture and e-services: Evaluation of e-services packages Frank Bruinsma 2009/4 32-50
37. Understanding consumption. Marketing voice at the age of innovation Guillermo Bilancio 2009/2 30-38