IPP - Aims and Scope

The journal is created with the aim of giving a platform for immediate presentation of the results of researches and professional interdisciplinary discussions of scientists and practicians who are concerned about problems of getting, executing and protecting the rights for intellectual property and such phenomenon as piracy.

The authors are offered on the pages of the journal to acquaint the international scientific and academic community with their conclusions concerning such issues:

  • copyright and property, objects of intellectual property, copyright for scientific, literary, belles letters, audio and video works, for computer programs and databases;
  • right of industrial property: inventions, models, trademarks, technologies, etc.;
  • history and practice of development of copyright in different countries;
  • related rights for objects of intellectual property;
  • issue of commercial secret;
  • non-standard (innovative) cases of giving copyright;
  • concepts of free culture, open software, online access, etc.;
  • issue of violation intellectual property rights, piracy;
  • commercial use of copyright, loss of face and economic losses as a result of piracy in use of objects of intellectual property;
  • development of national legislative databases and international legal acts in the part of protection of rights of authors of intellectual works, as well as counteraction to violation of these rights;
  • perspectives of development of institute of copyright in a strategic perspective and under influence of internet medium, issues of open access, licenses for management of copyrights;
  • practice of protection of copyright in courts.

The journal is issued quarterly and is oriented to specialists and students of different subject areas.

Subject Area Social Sciences. Subject Category Law; Library and Information Sciences.

Subject Area Business, Management and Accounting. Subject Category Industrial Relations; Business, Management and Accounting (miscellaneous).

Subject Area Economics, Econometrics and Finance. Subject Category Economics, Econometrics and Finance (miscellaneous).