Acceptance fee

The International Research Journal Innovative Marketing became open-accessed that means, if the paper is accepted, then the author has two variants for publication.

The publication with acceptance fee 650 euro, that means that paper will be open-accessed, in this way all rights for the paper belong to the author. The author can use the materials of the paper in theses or dissertations, articles may be presented as a presentation, copies of the article may be used by their colleagues in researches, authors can make print or electronic copies for personal use. Subscription is not included in price. Please ask for invoice to pay or follow the link for Pay for publication.

The publication free of charge, that means that the paper will be published in the journal, but will not be available on the site and will be for sale. In this case, all rights belong to LLC CPC Business Perspectives.

After the journal will be published each author of the article will receive hard copy.